Double shoot bow fishing

Look at this guya aim together at two fish with a bow. What do you think will happened? Please share it

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The fish attack

This one is a must!!! This funny portuguese fisherman is being attacked by this crazy carps. You must share it.

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Fishing outside with the family

So this family is going out for fishing and their having a lot of fun. They do funny some stuff during the day and even get to teach you some things about fishing. Join them having the best time together. PLEASE SHARE IT

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The family guy is fishing

Well, you know this dude – he’s the family guy. So he goes out for the supermarket for some kid’s fishing. But as you probably know, nothing is regular in he’s life. Watch the video to find out how it ends. PLEASE SHARE IT.

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Funny dude catching a bass

This dude is funny (maybe too funny) and he has just caught a big one. join him (and his cute girlfriend) in their funny boat. HAVE FUN. Please share.

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The crazy flying carps

What do you say about this crazy carps? Well, this nice family went out for some fishing – never expected to find out so many flying carps around them. Unfortunately, one of the carps jumped high and slapped the poor boy in his face. want to see what has happened to the boy? watch the video. ENJOY!!! Please share

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